How To Tell If Your Brakes Are Failing

Many parts in your car need to work perfectly. However, your brakes are especially important to pay attention to. It is quite easy for them to fail, so be mindful of the warning signs that a replacement will be needed soon.

Harsh Sounds


This is an easy symptom to notice. Your brakes squealing or making grinding noises is a sign that the parts are on their last legs. Additionally, pay attention if there is a clicking noise. This is a sign that the spring mechanism is wearing down.

Longer Than Normal Stopping Distance


If you have been driving your car for a while, then you should know how much distance you have to stop when you first apply the brakes. When that distance increases for no apparent reason, it becomes a serious danger. New brakes will be needed as soon as possible to keep you safe.

Antilock Brake System Turns On


It can be easy to ignore all those lights on your dashboard. However, if your ABS light turns on, take it seriously. Get your brakes inspected because there might be an electrical or wiring issue.

Brake repair is never something you want to delay getting. Get it done quickly so that you can drive safely once more. For prompt brake repair in Palo Alto, check out this website.

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Axalta Coating Systems Acquires United Paint’s Automotive Interior Rigid Thermoplastics Coatings Business

Axalta Coating Systems announced July 20th the acquisition of the automotive interior rigid thermoplastics coatings business….read more

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Why You Should Take Your European Car To A European Car Mechanic


Your car is important. Therefore, it makes sense to take certain measures to ensure it gets the care it deserves. Part of that entails taking European vehicles to European car shops. It just makes sense.

Technicians Are Trained to Work on These Vehicles


You would never want someone working on your car who has never seen something like it before. Many European cars require special training to work on. When you take it to the right mechanic, they are going to know exactly what to do to make it purr once again.

They Have the Right Tools and Parts


Whether you drive an Audi, BMW or some other type of European vehicle, it is going to require different components than American or Japanese made cars. You would not want something going into your vehicle that was not explicitly designed to go in there. The wrongs parts can seriously impair performance, so to make sure your car continues to operate efficiently, get the correct parts.

Your vehicle is an investment, so you should definitely find a shop that is equipped to work on your car. Visit this website to find one such shop that offers European car repair in Mountain View, and soon, you will be hitting the roads again in no time.

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Looking To Supe Up Your Truck In The Latest Accessories?


If you’re the type of person that loves your truck, the purchase is only the beginning. Then you want to start the process of suping it up in all the latest accessories. Some of these will be cosmetic but here are just two items that can help improve performance of your vehicle.

Performance Tuners


These can help you boost your engine’s horsepower and torque.

Air Filter


A high flow air filter is a small item but one that can help to improve performance by making the air running through your engine cleaner.

If you’re in the market to supe up your truck, you’ve got lots of options. Leer Truck Accessory Center in San Diego has all the newest parts, call us today at 858-279-0240.

Click here to find out more about truck accessories in Murrieta.

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Install a Truck Rack for Added Utility


Whether it’s a simple version or a more elaborate model, a truck rack helps you carry your cargo more safely. Also, it shields your truck bed from dents, scratches and other damage.

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The Benefits Of A Spray Bedliner For Your Truck

A spray bedliner is one of the most common alterations that truck owners make to their vehicle. It’s no wonder, either—these handy liners are a great way to make your vehicle more durable. Here are some of the top benefits of getting a spray bedliner for your truck.


One of the main reasons that truck owners choose to get a spray bedliner is that they want to protect the bed of their truck. A spray liner prevents the bed from getting scratched, dented, dinged, rusted or corroded. Some brands even offer UV ray protection.


Because they increase the durability of the truck bed, spray liners can extend the life of the truck. This also means that getting the bed sprayed can increase the resale value of the truck, making these liners a valuable investment.


Spray liners don’t just protect the truck; they also help it look great. Since the spray conforms perfectly to every surface in the truck bed, it provides a clean, uniform look. Plus, the spray is available in multiple colors, meaning that you can give your bed a neutral black look or make it match the rest of the paint job.

If you’re considering getting a spray bedliner in San Diego, check out this link for more information.

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Reasons To Own A Tonneau Cover

A tonneau is a type of cover that lies flat on top of a truck bed, providing a good way to protect your cargo. Also called lids, these truck accessories offer many different advantages. Here are the top three reasons to own a tonneau cover.


A tonneau covers s a great way to keep the contents of your truck bed safe. A good cover can protect against rain, sun and other harsh weather; it also blocks the cargo from view and discourages theft. Whether you’re hauling firewood that has to stay dry or a toolbox that you don’t want to lose, a tonneau cover can help.


Secondly, a tonneau provides a sleek look that makes your truck look great. Unlike camper shells, these covers lie flat on the bed, preserving the original lines and shape of the vehicle. Tonneaus can come in easy to match neutral colors, like black, or they can be painted to match the truck body.


Finally, tonneaus provide quick and easy access to the interior of the truck bed. Whether they are rolling, hinged, hard folding or soft folding, these covers are simple to use. Some models are even removable, making them a great choice for those who only need a cover occasionally.

To learn more about tonneau truck covers in Clairemont Mesa, check out this website.

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