Technical: Mattes and Metallics

You’ve probably heard the Henry Ford quote regarding his Model T: “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it’s black.” And while the Model T was available in other colors, it does suggest there….read more

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5 Truck Accessories You Can’t Be Without

It’s great to own a pickup truck, but nearly every truck owner dreams of ways to make his or her truck better. There are a wide variety of accessories out there that can make your truck more functional, stylish and rugged. Here are five major truck accessories that you shouldn’t do without.

1.       Spray Bedliner

A liner for your truck bed is a great way to protect your vehicle, no matter what you’re hauling. This rugged plastic coating is extremely durable and can even extend the life of your truck.

2.       Tonneau Cover

A tonneau is necessary to protect your cargo from the elements. A sleek cover that sits on top of the bed is a perfect way to keep the contents safe.

3.       Running Board

If you have a particularly tall vehicle, a running board is an absolute must. These handy steps provide a firm foothold as you get in or out of your vehicle.


4.       Truck Racks

In order to carry a lot of cargo, you need to have a truck that’s designed to handle it. Roof racks and related accessories can help you haul almost anything.


5.       Grilles

An aftermarket grill is a great way to not only help protect your radiator, but also make your truck stand out from the crowd.

These additions can help you make any truck your own. Click here to find out more about truck accessories in Murrieta.

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Why Installing A Running Board Is Important For Safety

Do you own a truck, sport utility vehicle or any type of vehicle that sits high above the ground? If so, you or your passengers may sometimes experience difficulties while climbing up. These difficulties may be heightened during inclement weather that features rain, sleet, snow or ice. Consider the following potential benefits of installing a running board on your vehicle.

1. Safety in All Kinds of Weather

At some point during your life, you have likely slipped on a surface that was icy or damp. You may even have experienced a painful fall due to unfriendly weather conditions. Installing a running board on your truck or other raised vehicle may help provide safe, easy entry in nearly any kind of weather.

2. Easy Entry for All

Sometimes, you or your passengers may find it difficult to climb up into a vehicle that sits high off the ground. This may be especially true for those who are short in stature, who struggle with mobility or who have experienced a recent injury. A running board can provide a boost in order to help nearly anyone easily step up into your vehicle.

There are a number of reasons to consider installing a running board for your vehicle. You can visit this website to find running boards in Clairemont Mesa.

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Boost Your Truck’s Power and Tackle Any Terrain


A truck performance tuner makes moving over any surface or terrain, such as crossing this creek, much easier. They improve your vehicle’s engine efficiency, putting more power under its hood.

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Types Of Truck Grilles

Are you planning to invest in a truck grille in order to help protect your vehicle from debris, collisions and other potential road hazards? These are a few of the types of truck grilles you can choose from.

1. Plastic

Plastic grilles may not initially sound like the strongest option, but these grilles are not made from the standard plastics you may encounter in everyday life. Plastic truck grilles tend to be made from ABS plastic, which is tough, durable and capable of protecting your vehicle from impacts.

2. Stainless Steel

If you want a grille with maximum strength and shine, perhaps you would prefer to go with a classic metal option. Stainless steel grilles tend to be tough and attractive enough to protect your vehicle while also upgrading its appearance.

3. Aluminum

Would you like a relatively lightweight, cost effective grille that is still tough enough to provide excellent protection from impacts and road debris? An aluminum grille may be the right choice for you and your vehicle. These grilles are available in a number of styles and designs, including standard or sheet aluminum.

If you are looking to protect your vehicle and upgrade its appearance, a grille may be a great way to do so. Visit this website to find truck grilles in Murrieta.

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Data Reveals Newer Vehicles Driving Repair Costs

Based on a CCC Crash Report, Property Casualty 360 recently released an article exploring some of the most recent data on vehicles being sold and driven in the U.S. and how that is driving… more

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When To Start Restoration Of Your Vintage RV

If you have a vintage RV in your front yard, it can be a tantalizing prospect to spruce it up and take it on a road trip. There are a few things to keep in mind in terms of when this type of work should be done.

You Have Enough Money


Hiring a professional service to make your RV look great and replace any parts is going to cost some money. The exact price will depend on how much work needs to be done. It is always preferable to get this work done all at once, so make sure you have enough money saved away to get everything done. You do not want to start only to realize you are out of funds halfway through.

You Will Not Need It for Some Time


Again, the amount of time it will take to restore your vintage RV will depend on the amount of work necessary. However, you should be prepared to be without your RV for a little bit. Get it restored during a period of time when you are certain you will not need it.

After a restoration, your RV will look so fantastic you will want to be in there as often as you can. Visit this website if you are interested in vintage RV restoration in Scotts Valley.

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